Grand Wall

“Gran, Jess and me have powers.” Matt jumped on the overstuffed chair and threw his legs over an armrest.

“Jess and I have powers.” The elder woman walked by the side table placing a glass of milk for the youngster.

“Ugh! Fine!” Matt rolled his eyes. “Jess and I have powers. We got them from Mom and Dad. Right?”

“That is correct.” The grandmother smiled as she sat in the chair across from her grandson.

“But Dad isn’t a superhero. And neither is Mom.”

Ethel, the grandmother, tilted her head to one side. “Well, that isn’t exactly true.” She took a bite of her pie and sipped her mil. “Your dad, bless his heart, made a valiant attempt at being a superhero.”

“Really?” The young man snapped to a seated position and leaned forward. “Who was he? Was he a sidekick for Grandpa?”

Ethel chuckled. “Nothing as glamorous as you might suspect. He was a teenager, and he called himself Rapid Rabbit. He is still fast, but back then he tried to be a speedster.”

“Awww! Not Rapid Rabbit.” Matt slapped his hand to his forehead. “I have seen the old videos of him and read a few of the stories. He caught three bank robbers and stopped a runaway baby stroller. That’s not a superhero.”

“He saved that baby’s life, and that baby went on to become an EMT who has saved several peoples lives.” Ethel tsked her grandson. “And those robbers were armed. They shot at him. Your dad isn’t bulletproof.”

“Grandpa was, though.  Wasn’t he?”

“Yes. Your grandfather was. Still is, in fact. He was called Taurus. He would be classified as a strongman / tank now a days.”

“Yeah!” Matt did a fist pump. “That is where I get it from then.”

“We don’t really know how the traits are passed on, Matt.” Ethel took another bite of pie, finishing it off. “Your mother is a blaster and can fly. Right now, you sister can fly but can’t send out a blast for anything.”

“She’s still young.” Matt nodded his head.

“And so are you. You might keep your strength, but develop blasting abilities when you mature.” Ethel pointed at Matt. “Don’t underestimate the powers of others, or even the ones you have. Your power does not define you, it’s what you do with it.”

“Is this where you tell me how you beat up Brahma Bull?” Matt smiled wide and his eyes twinkled.

“No. This is where we run our errands.” Ethel stood and carried the dishes to the kitchen. “Put on your shoes. Grandpa will watch Jess.”

After the short car ride into town, Ethel stopped at the grocery store, the dry cleaners, and then the bank. Here she checked on the status of her accounts.

Finishing with the teller, Ethel took Matt’s hand and turned for the door. Those same doors were kicked open by three masked men that fired shots into the ceiling. A fourth man stomped into the bank and destroyed the front counter with a single punch.

“I am Brick and I’ll be your robber today.” Brick strode the length of the teller line tossing bags to each person on the other side. “Fill it up with the good stuff and no one gets hurt.”

An armed security guard went for his weapon and was shot by a mask wearer.

“The instructions are simple. Do it now!” Brick punched the teller counter again, destroying another section.

“Gran, we gotta do something.” Matt tugged at his grandmother’s arm.

“No. I gotta go something. You stay put.” Shifting behind a table and keeping her movements subtle, Ethel pointed at one of the masked men. The air shimmered as the object she created flew towards her target. The masked man dropped where he stood.

“Jimmy!” One of the other masked men dashed over to his fallen comrade. Ethel repeated the maneuver and that man dropped too.
Brick shouted, “It looks like we have a hero in our midsts! Jack, do the honors.”

The third masked man leveled his rifle at a group of people. The weapon made an audible click then burped for a few seconds. The group cringed and flattened on the floor. All the bullets stopped inches from the group and fell to the floor.

Ethel, unable to keep her movements subtle, waved at the masked gunman. The force wall she had created collided with her new target and spread him against the wall. The masked man fell forward when the obstruction was removed.

“Yeah! Way to go, Gran!” Matt jumped and threw both fists over his head.

“Yeah. Way to go, Gran.” Brick ran the few steps and snatched Matt by the scruff of the neck.

“Matt!” Ethel extended both hands. One ball of force went for her grandson and enveloped his torso. The other sphere of force spread out to a narrow edge and connected with Brick’s gut. A woof of air escaped Brick’s mouth as he bent over, released Matt, then fell to his knees.

Matt traveled several feet away and was deposited near a group of people who pulled him in.

Ethel moved closer to Brick as he got to his feet. “Old woman, you are gonna pay big time for that.” Brick charged three steps and swung a wild punch at the older woman. Her eyes darted to the moving appendage and an invisible wall interceded with the fist. A hallow sound rang out in the bank, and Brick pulled his fist back with a quick shake.

Brick jabbed in on Ethel with his free hand. Ethel just tilted her head back ever so slightly. Another hallow sound rang out. Brick sucked in air as he shook both fists.

“You don’t even know what you are doing. Snot-nosed, brat, punk kid.” With her arms hanging loose, Ethel flexed both wrists. A shimmer in the air rocked Brick’s head back, which staggered him a few steps.

Ethel then brought both hands together, clasping them. The next shimmer doubled Brick over taking the wind from him.

Just as Brick straightened, Ethel swung both hands up to her head as if she where praying.

The shimmering force connected with a solid thump. Brick’s knees slammed together, his hands darted for his crotch, and his eyes crossed above his puckered mouth. Every male within sight did a sympathy flinch and a few even grunted. Brick emitted a squeak then slumped to the ground.

From outside sirens were heard.

“Matt. Let’s go.” Ethel held her hand out for her grandson. Matt ran and took the older woman’s hand. “Do you see what I mean about how you use your powers?”

“Yes Ma’am!”


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