The tall woman deflected the basketball sized fist and stepped in with a counter punch to the gut of her opponent. The large, dark, well-muscled man folded over the rock hard fist. Spittle flew from his mouth while his eyes bulged. Amazonia followed up with a hammer fist between the man’s shoulder blades, putting him flat on the pavement.

“Wow!” Kent Abercrombie, dressed as Blue Avenger, approached the tall woman hero. “Excellent take down.” He stood back as the woman straightened.

“By the grace of Apollo and Athena, I was able to defeat the brute.” Amazonia touched her forehead then waved to the heavens. She then walked to the damaged building and moved the rubble to the side.

“Look, Amazonia. How about we get together after this. Say over coffee?” Kent moved debris and righted a car.

Amazonia stopped clearing rubble. “Blue Avenger, are you asking me out on a date?”

Kent smiled as he looked her in the eyes. “Not a date. Coffee. It’s not really a date.”

The tall muscular woman put her hands on her hips. “So then other members of our team will be there?”

“I hope not,” muttered Kent as he looked at the ground. “Well, they are welcomed, but they may be busy.”

“So it would just be  you and me?” Amazonia cocked a hip and tilted her head.

“Uh…Yes. Yes, it would.” Kent’s eyes sparkled, and he smiled his award-winning smile that had appeared in so many grocery checkout stand publications around the world.

“From what I understand of your language, that is a date.”

“Fine. It’s a date.” Kent rolled his eyes. “Is that a yes?”

“No. It is not a yes.” The flat eyes, thin lips, grinding jaw showing on Amazonia’s face removed all doubt about the finality of this answer.

“Why not? Do you know how many women would kill to be in your place?”

“Then ask them. You are not my type.” Amazonia went back to clearing rubble and debris.

“What do you mean, not your type?” Kent held his hands out and shrugged his shoulders. “I am fit, strong, and I eat healthy. Besides, we work well together.”

“Those are not reasons to pair off. Besides, you are not my type. It wouldn’t last.” Amazonia pushed two demolished pick-up trucks together, then pulled a cab to the same pile.

“You don’t know that.”

Amazonia paused and looked Kent in the eyes. With a flat expression on her face, she said, “You are correct and I apologize for jumping to a conclusion. It is rude of me to assume you are an ass.”

“Thank you.” Kent moved some ruined streetlights and dumpsters to the same pile Amazonia started. I am going to let the ass comment go. I am making headway and don’t want to blow it.

“How are you two doing?” A smaller woman with wings hovered over to where Kent and Amazonia worked. “Everything cleaned up here?”

“Yeah. We got this area cleared.” Kent waved at the flying woman. “Are the other teams done? Is it safe for the construction crews to take over Silverwing?”

“Yes. I think it is. Good eye, Blue Avenger.” Silverwing talked to someone on her radio.

Kent turned to continue his talk with Amazonia. He found the tall woman staring at Silverwing. Kent noticed that Amazonia was absently running a hand through her long hair and brushing dust from her uniform. Amazonia’s face flushed for an instant when she made eye contact with the other flying hero.

Kent shook his head. Figures.

“Thats it team. We are out of here,” Silverwing said over the radio for all team members to hear. She waved at Kent and Amazonia then flew off.

“Blue Avenger.” Amazonia reached for Kent’s shoulder. “How well do you know Silverwing?”


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