Rogue Telekinetic – Double Parked

Jack Davis turned down the third row of the parking lot. His head oscillated back and forth looking for a spot. Like the previous rows, he didn’t see one. Turning at the far end, Jack spotted an opening around the halfway point of the fourth row.

Picking up his speed, Jack found that it was an opening, but not a wide one. The car, a compact of no distinguishing features, straddled the yellow line separating two parking spots. This left half a parking spot on either side of the car clear.

Jack gripped the steering wheel and continued on his path. Once he exited the fourth row, he still had not found a spot. A glance in his rear-view mirror showed a young driver pulling to false vacant spot behind him. The young driver glared at the double parked car and his lips moved.

“This will never do,” Jack said to no one.

A quick spin of the steering wheel and Jack pulled into the loading zone. Getting out, he stood on the sidewalk and focused on the dark blue compact. In his head, Jack envisioned a large hand gripping the vehicle and moving it like a toy car.

The compact sedan slid forward on the pavement. Fresh tire marks showed in the spot, so Jack worked at having the hand pick the vehicle up. Beads of sweat appeared on Jack’s forehead and he reached out a hand brace himself on the roof of his car.

The blue compact hovered out of the parking spot and down the fourth row. The young driver zipped around the parking lot and parked, correctly, in one of the now opened slots.

Jack turned his head, following the car. The compact turned the corner of the mega-shopping complex. Not being able to see, Jack pictured the hand letting go of the car.

Wiping the sweat from his face, Jack started his car and pulled into the other vacant spot.

As Jack approached the shopping complex, a man came out with a small bag. He walked to where Jack and the young driver had parked. “Where the hell is my car?” The man glanced around and hurried up to Jack. “Are you parked over there,” he pointed to where Jack parked.

“Yes,” Jack turned to face the man. “It was the only open spot.”

“I was parked there.” The man’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Jack.

“I don’t know what to tell you,” Jack shrugged.

A noise grabbed their attention. The garbage truck pulled into the lot and aimed for the side of the building. A loud crunching sound was heard. Jack and the man hurriedly walked over.

The garbage truck driver activated a few buttons and the arms tossed the dumpster up over the top of the truck. Debris and other things fell from the dumpster into the opening on the truck. Next the dumpster descended and the garbage truck pulled out.

As Jack and the man turned the corner they saw the dumpster and a very scratched blue compact sedan.

“My car,” the man grabbed his head and fell to his knees.

“Well, the sign does say no parking.” Jack smirked, turned and walked into the shopping complex.


“You big meany,” the little girl with pigtails said as she stuck her tongue out. “You should stop right now.” Her rosy cheeks matched the pink in her jumper. “If Gargantua shows up, you’ll be sorry.” She leaned forward waggling a finger with her other fist on her hip.

“Hahaha. Little one, you should worry about yourself.” The hulking figure of Brute approached the little girl, a feral smile on his lips. “Gargantua isn’t here to protect anyone.” Taking in the crowd of cowering people, Brute bellowed, “You know the drill. Cash. On the table. Now.”

Several people moved to comply.

Brute stormed into the Golden Stork Casino ten minutes earlier. After he had knocked out the three armed security guards, Brute smashed open their money cart and dumped it over. With a thundering bellow, he collapsed a pillar after he saw the cart was empty.

Now, he was going to rob the patrons to make up for his loss. He knew better than to tangle with the vaults. They were triple protected and beyond his ability to break open.

“Gargantua!” The little girl screamed.

Brute jerked back to face her. “Stop that.”

“Why,” the little girl asked. “Are you afraid she will hear it? If she does she might show up.”

“She’s tall and strong,” Brute snorted. “She won’t hear you. Besides, she would never be in a place like this.”


Brute looked around. Several people stopped moving to place their money on the table. Looking left, then right, Brute added to the shout. “GARGANTUA!”

He waited again.

“See. Nothing.” Brute let out a belly laugh that rattled the nearby glass.

Seeing that he was right, the patrons began to pile their money on the table again.

The little girl let out a humph and stomped over to Brute.

“Ohhh…You are so cute when you’re mad.” He reached down and patted the three foot tall girl on her head.

She kicked him in the shin. Brute didn’t even flinch.

“Look, kid. I don’t really want to hurt you. You’re feisty, and I like that.” Brute kneeled down and placed a card-table sized hand on her shoulder. Her knees flexed, but she remained upright. “But if you don’t stop bothering me, I’m gonna have to spank you.”

A collective gasp escaped several people, and some moved to grab the child. A glare from Brute froze them all in their tracks.

“You wouldn’t.” The little girl screwed up her face and narrowed her eyes.

“Yes, I would.” Brute’s shoulder jumped, and the girl flew several yards. Her limp body collided with the wooden teller booth. Her small form cratered the wall, bringing the marble counter on top of her.

Brute’s face flattened and his eyes narrowed. Standing up in a smooth motion, he shouted. “Anyone else?” Several people visibly shook, and a few had wet spots on their pants. “I didn’t think so.”

Brute moved to the table where all the cash laid in a flat pile. He raked it into a large bag he carried.

The rubble of the teller bank shifted and a grumble came through the dust and splintered wood.

“You forgot about me.”

The voice was loud and low, but no mistaking the feminine edge it carried.

As the debris shifted and fell to the side, a statuesque woman, replete with mask stood in the wake of the destruction. Her head brushed the cathedral ceiling as she extended to her full height.

“Brute. I gave you a chance. Now it’s my turn.” With strides the length of banquet tables, she cleared the distance to the muscle bound thug. Her oven sized hands encased Brute, pinning his arms to his sides.

“But…but…but…The little girl.” Brute’s mouth moved and his eyes opened to the size of dinner plates.

Gargantua smirked and shook her head. The swaying pig tails caught his attention.

“Mother fuc-”

Gargantua twitched her wrist, making Brute’s teeth click. “You kiss your mother with that potty mouth?”

Rogue Telekinetic – Assistance

Jack walked out of the grocery store with a single bag in his hand and a merry tune on his lips. He stopped mid-stride when he noticed the car next to the curb. The door was open and an elderly lady was sitting in an electric scooter waiting. Three cars were stopped by the vehicle and other pedestrians. One car leaned on the horn.

A young woman glared at the honking car as she pulled back from the rear door of the parked car. She then moved to the elderly lady and held out a hand. The elderly lady took the proffered hand and slowly worked her way to a standing position.

Another horn sounded. A car zoomed by with the driver yelling at the two people holding up traffic.

Without thinking, Jack glanced at the speeding vehicle and the rear window spiderwebbed.

Jack turned attention back to the female duo. He saw the young woman struggling with the elderly woman and working to get her in the car.

“Hmmm…This could end all wrong,” Jack muttered to himself.

Walking to the two ladies, Jack put his bag down. “Here, let me help.”

The young woman’s head spun to look Jack in the eyes. “I got this. My Gran just requires a little extra time.”

“Oh, no doubt,” Jack grinned. “I’m more concerned for you. You nearly fell over when you stepped off that curb there. If you go down, Gran goes down. Then the ambulance is called. So, how about a little help?”

“Young man, that would be much appreciated,” Gran held out a hand to Jack.

“Excellent.” Jack took the extended hand and moved in closer. He concentrated on securing the older woman in his mind. His ability encased her and lifted her ever so gently and slightly off the road. With a few strategically placed hands and some minor direction, he moved Gran closer to the car. At the same time, she turned so she could back in.

“Gran, it’s like you are a ballerina!” The young woman looked from her Grandmother to Jack. “We could use help like yours more often.”

Jack smiled and winked, hoping the beads of sweat on his face didn’t show.

A little more work and Gran folded into the car and buckled in.

“Thank you so much,” the young woman said. “I’m sorry I snapped at you earlier.”

“Think nothing of it. We all need help once in a while.”

Jack backed away, releasing his hold on the older woman. He then turned to the other two cars and released the hold he had on their break pedals. With a wave he picked his bag up and continued on his merry way.

The Toddler

The toddler let go of the stroller. His short legs, hampered by the thick diaper, carried him several steps from the reach of his mother. A mother with her head bowed over a phone. “Boy, you better get back here,” the mother growled. She moved her blood-shot eyes to look at the kid.

The toddler giggled. He let out a gurgle making several other passengers smile as he stumbled about. The train jostled, tossing the already unstable child towards the closed doors. The toddler’s feet danced several steps, keeping the tyke up right. The distracted mother kept her head and shoulders hunched over her phone. She didn’t flinch when her son lost his balance. Her fingers tapped on the phone when the child lunged for the doors.

Tiny fingers gripped the seal between the sliding doors. His small weight shifted with the rolling floor. The doors slammed open, taking the small body into the air.

Five adult passengers clambered for just a finger hold on the child. None made it.

The sixth arm wriggled through legs, the tangle of arms, and encircled the child’s torso. A swift tug and the toddler was back in the train.

All heads turned; following the arm back to the body it was attached. A tall woman blew out a breath and placed the toddler in front of his mother.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” The mother dashed to her feet with a disgusted look on her face. “You’re a Meta-Human! Don’t you dare touch me!” With her phone put away, she looked at the crying child. The mother kept a distance from the child, while the child extended arms and tiny, grasping hands.

Several faces turned to look at a man wearing a dark suit with a gold MWG pin on his lapel. The man had a hand-sized detector out and scanned the area. When he put it away, he looked over his dark shades and cocked an eyebrow. “You know it’s against the law to display your abilities in public?”

“Except in self-defense or other dire situations.” The woman glanced at the toddler and his mother. “I think this counts.” A smile creased her face as she stepped towards the door.

A consenting murmur came from the surrounding people. Several backed away from the surrounding group.

“I’m that child’s mother and I wouldn’t have consented!” The mother leaned forward, but pointed a hand at the wailing child.

Heads turned to stare at the mother with wide eyes, and mouths open. Someone gasped.

The train pulled into the station and the intercom blared the garbled stop name.

“Call it in if you are so inclined.” The tall woman moved for the opened door, hitching her bag on her shoulder as she stepped on the busy platform.

“Don’t you walk away,” the mother stomped towards the leaving woman. The crying child grabbing at the legs of his mother.

The MWG member shook his head and walked away. “There is no accounting for class.”