Rogue Telekinetic – Assistance

Jack walked out of the grocery store with a single bag in his hand and a merry tune on his lips. He stopped mid-stride when he noticed the car next to the curb. The door was open and an elderly lady was sitting in an electric scooter waiting. Three cars were stopped by the vehicle and other pedestrians. One car leaned on the horn.

A young woman glared at the honking car as she pulled back from the rear door of the parked car. She then moved to the elderly lady and held out a hand. The elderly lady took the proffered hand and slowly worked her way to a standing position.

Another horn sounded. A car zoomed by with the driver yelling at the two people holding up traffic.

Without thinking, Jack glanced at the speeding vehicle and the rear window spiderwebbed.

Jack turned attention back to the female duo. He saw the young woman struggling with the elderly woman and working to get her in the car.

“Hmmm…This could end all wrong,” Jack muttered to himself.

Walking to the two ladies, Jack put his bag down. “Here, let me help.”

The young woman’s head spun to look Jack in the eyes. “I got this. My Gran just requires a little extra time.”

“Oh, no doubt,” Jack grinned. “I’m more concerned for you. You nearly fell over when you stepped off that curb there. If you go down, Gran goes down. Then the ambulance is called. So, how about a little help?”

“Young man, that would be much appreciated,” Gran held out a hand to Jack.

“Excellent.” Jack took the extended hand and moved in closer. He concentrated on securing the older woman in his mind. His ability encased her and lifted her ever so gently and slightly off the road. With a few strategically placed hands and some minor direction, he moved Gran closer to the car. At the same time, she turned so she could back in.

“Gran, it’s like you are a ballerina!” The young woman looked from her Grandmother to Jack. “We could use help like yours more often.”

Jack smiled and winked, hoping the beads of sweat on his face didn’t show.

A little more work and Gran folded into the car and buckled in.

“Thank you so much,” the young woman said. “I’m sorry I snapped at you earlier.”

“Think nothing of it. We all need help once in a while.”

Jack backed away, releasing his hold on the older woman. He then turned to the other two cars and released the hold he had on their break pedals. With a wave he picked his bag up and continued on his merry way.


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