Rogue Telekinetic – Red Sports Car

The small red sports car darted from one lane to the next. With the top down the driver and passenger were visible. Their heads tossed back and laughter on their face. With the heavy traffic, the car did the impossible, it sped up. The small red sports car drove over the line splitting two lanes.

Two kids dove back to the sidewalk, ditching their soda cups. The small red sports car dashed through the intersection and under the red traffic light. It swerved into the oncoming traffic lane, even though no traffic was on the original side.

“This will not end well,” Jack Davis said stepping out of the restaurant. He was in time to see the small red sports car careen through a turn and slow to a stop behind the semi-truck tuning onto the Interstate.

The small red sports car let out several exasperated high-pitched beeps. The driver shouted and waved his fist. Twice the driver looked behind him to see another car coming alongside him, blocking a lane change.

Jack walked passed his car, out of the parking lot, and down the sidewalk towards the small red sports car. In his mind he pictured the car a mere inch off the ground. He felt the power build, then released it.

Approaching the passenger side of the car, Jack said in a loud voice, “Nice car.” The passenger and driver turned to look at him. “It seems fast.”

“It is,” said the big shouldered driver. “At least when I can get on the Interstate.”

“Aren’t you worried about tickets?” Jack looked at the driver. “I mean the insurance on this thing has to be high to begin with.”

“Never been caught,” the large man said with a nod and a grin. “Never will.” He knocked the car out of gear and revved the car.

“I see,” Jack said. “What about you, young lady? Someone as beautiful as you must be worried about an accident. The damage it would cause?”

Worry flashed across the pretty young woman’s face. A hand waved it away, but her eyes never changed. She did a double take towards the driver.

The large truck cleared the corner and proceeded up the entrance ramp.

“About damn time.” The driver shifted the lever and stomped on the gas pedal. The car revved as before only at a higher pitch. And it didn’t go anywhere.

“Hmmm,” Jack said looking at the car. “Seems something is wrong.”

“I just got this hunk a junk,” the man shouted over the roar of his engine. “What the-“ The driver looked at his feet. “The gas is stuck.”

Shouting, Jack said, “Fortunate for you. Imagine if it stuck while you nearly killed those kids back there.” Jack tossed a hand in the direction. The woman and man turned to see the kids crossing the street.

“They look fine to me,” the man said.

“Except for the scrapes and cuts,” Jack added. “And they ditched their drinks.”

“So what.” The driver pounded on the steering wheel. “Go, you piece of sh-“

“Do you kiss your Mother with that potty mouth?” Jack turned to the woman. “Does he kiss you with that potty mouth?” The woman turned a deep red and turned to the driver.

“Shut up!” The man swore. “I’ll get it fixed.” He pulled on a lever and pop sounded from the hood and it lifted an inch. Next he pulled on the door, but it didn’t budge. “No! The door’s stuck.”

The engine revved louder, and the hood slammed shut.

“Personally, I would recommend you use manners and class over false bravado and insecurity.” Jack pulled on the passenger side door, holding it open for the woman. “As for you, make better choices.” A shout exited the driver, and he squirmed in his seat. He pulled his hands, but they were stuck to the steering wheel.

The woman stood from the car and walked away from the small red sports car.

“You know how you said you’ve never been caught?” Jack said, closing the door.

“Yeah.” The driver clenched his hands on the steering wheel.

“First time for everything.” The sounds of sirens sounded. Jack let the car drop to the pavement.

The tires on the small sports car squealed as the driver was thrown back into his seat. A loud scream and the car turned onto the entrance ramp. Two police cars blocked his escape.

Jack shook his head and walked back to his car.


Rogue Telekinetic – Double Parked

Jack Davis turned down the third row of the parking lot. His head oscillated back and forth looking for a spot. Like the previous rows, he didn’t see one. Turning at the far end, Jack spotted an opening around the halfway point of the fourth row.

Picking up his speed, Jack found that it was an opening, but not a wide one. The car, a compact of no distinguishing features, straddled the yellow line separating two parking spots. This left half a parking spot on either side of the car clear.

Jack gripped the steering wheel and continued on his path. Once he exited the fourth row, he still had not found a spot. A glance in his rear-view mirror showed a young driver pulling to false vacant spot behind him. The young driver glared at the double parked car and his lips moved.

“This will never do,” Jack said to no one.

A quick spin of the steering wheel and Jack pulled into the loading zone. Getting out, he stood on the sidewalk and focused on the dark blue compact. In his head, Jack envisioned a large hand gripping the vehicle and moving it like a toy car.

The compact sedan slid forward on the pavement. Fresh tire marks showed in the spot, so Jack worked at having the hand pick the vehicle up. Beads of sweat appeared on Jack’s forehead and he reached out a hand brace himself on the roof of his car.

The blue compact hovered out of the parking spot and down the fourth row. The young driver zipped around the parking lot and parked, correctly, in one of the now opened slots.

Jack turned his head, following the car. The compact turned the corner of the mega-shopping complex. Not being able to see, Jack pictured the hand letting go of the car.

Wiping the sweat from his face, Jack started his car and pulled into the other vacant spot.

As Jack approached the shopping complex, a man came out with a small bag. He walked to where Jack and the young driver had parked. “Where the hell is my car?” The man glanced around and hurried up to Jack. “Are you parked over there,” he pointed to where Jack parked.

“Yes,” Jack turned to face the man. “It was the only open spot.”

“I was parked there.” The man’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Jack.

“I don’t know what to tell you,” Jack shrugged.

A noise grabbed their attention. The garbage truck pulled into the lot and aimed for the side of the building. A loud crunching sound was heard. Jack and the man hurriedly walked over.

The garbage truck driver activated a few buttons and the arms tossed the dumpster up over the top of the truck. Debris and other things fell from the dumpster into the opening on the truck. Next the dumpster descended and the garbage truck pulled out.

As Jack and the man turned the corner they saw the dumpster and a very scratched blue compact sedan.

“My car,” the man grabbed his head and fell to his knees.

“Well, the sign does say no parking.” Jack smirked, turned and walked into the shopping complex.

Rogue Telekinetic – Assistance

Jack walked out of the grocery store with a single bag in his hand and a merry tune on his lips. He stopped mid-stride when he noticed the car next to the curb. The door was open and an elderly lady was sitting in an electric scooter waiting. Three cars were stopped by the vehicle and other pedestrians. One car leaned on the horn.

A young woman glared at the honking car as she pulled back from the rear door of the parked car. She then moved to the elderly lady and held out a hand. The elderly lady took the proffered hand and slowly worked her way to a standing position.

Another horn sounded. A car zoomed by with the driver yelling at the two people holding up traffic.

Without thinking, Jack glanced at the speeding vehicle and the rear window spiderwebbed.

Jack turned attention back to the female duo. He saw the young woman struggling with the elderly woman and working to get her in the car.

“Hmmm…This could end all wrong,” Jack muttered to himself.

Walking to the two ladies, Jack put his bag down. “Here, let me help.”

The young woman’s head spun to look Jack in the eyes. “I got this. My Gran just requires a little extra time.”

“Oh, no doubt,” Jack grinned. “I’m more concerned for you. You nearly fell over when you stepped off that curb there. If you go down, Gran goes down. Then the ambulance is called. So, how about a little help?”

“Young man, that would be much appreciated,” Gran held out a hand to Jack.

“Excellent.” Jack took the extended hand and moved in closer. He concentrated on securing the older woman in his mind. His ability encased her and lifted her ever so gently and slightly off the road. With a few strategically placed hands and some minor direction, he moved Gran closer to the car. At the same time, she turned so she could back in.

“Gran, it’s like you are a ballerina!” The young woman looked from her Grandmother to Jack. “We could use help like yours more often.”

Jack smiled and winked, hoping the beads of sweat on his face didn’t show.

A little more work and Gran folded into the car and buckled in.

“Thank you so much,” the young woman said. “I’m sorry I snapped at you earlier.”

“Think nothing of it. We all need help once in a while.”

Jack backed away, releasing his hold on the older woman. He then turned to the other two cars and released the hold he had on their break pedals. With a wave he picked his bag up and continued on his merry way.

Rogue Telekinetic – The Passing Lane

Jack Davis drove the same mindless route to work he did every day for the past nine years. Over this time, he managed to get his journey into work into a workable, and safe, routine. This routine usually served him well, but when something was amiss, stress and anger would build up. He would yell, pound his dashboard, and even give rude hand gestures.

This day, was the last type.

Jack was on the two-lane road, following the other work lemmings. He knew that in a half mile, the two-lane road would fork and divide the traffic. Jack also knew that the right lane rarely had slow traffic, and his lane seemed to slow to a crawl for several hundred feet. This crawl would speed up to a more respectable level once the cement barrier came into view.

This was the problem as far as Jack was concerned.

Other drivers would dart to the right lane, speed up, and cut back into the left lane. This dangerous gambit caused the slow down at the cost of someone gaining four, maybe five, car lengths. The only people that were worse were the motor cyclists, who would dart along the side of the slow moving traffic. On more than one occasion, a finder-bender happened, and this stopped traffic out right.

Jack, already gripping his steering wheel in a death grip, was on the verge of shouting. His doctor had recommended he calm down and find other ways to keep stress at bay. Jack managed to accomplish this in his life with everything that irked him, except for driving to and from work.

“Calm down Jack. They do this all the time.” Jack took a deep breath and let it out. He reached for the stress ball that rested in the passenger seat. A few quick squeezes and he tossed it back onto the seat.

“That doesn’t work,” Jack growled, staring at the next car to pass him in the right light with a left turn blinker flashing.

“What needs to happen is the barrier needs to start back there.” He tossed a thumb over his shoulder.

“I wonder…” Jack leaned over and peered up the column of cars, watching as the latest near-do-well squeezed into traffic, causing red taillights to blare.

“Just don’t get caught.” Jack eyeballed the cement barrier and breathed out. His breathing slowed and got deeper.

In his mind, Jack built a wall the same thickness, height and color of the cement barrier. He added a section, then another. Soon, the wall in his mind extended five cars past his current location. As the last wall solidified in his mind, he smiled.

“Excellent! Let’s see if I still got it.” Jack’s eyes twinkled as he spotted a car, well behind him, zip over to the right lane and pick up speed.

The speeding car dashed past Jack and turned on its blinker.

Jack was still doing his deep breathing and focused on the wall in his mind.

The car edged over, into the left lane. When its left front corner bent, breaking the light and peeling paint, Jack laughed.

“Yes! I still have it.”

The driver in the car swerved over into the right lane and continued. He made another attempt, this time at a faster pace. This was because he was approaching the cement barrier and would not be able to get over in time.

The crunching sound reached Jack’s ears, and he shook his head. The car now had the left front quarter panel mangled, the hood bent at an odd angle, and the tire elevated a few inches in the air.

“That is not going to be a good day for you.” Jack waved as he passed the now walking driver.

Jack watched as the driver examined his car and then looked around for what caused the damage to the car. When the driver approached the wall that Jack had constructed, his hand swung through nothing.

“Whew! Just in time on that one.” A hearty guffaw escaped from Jack as he picked up speed.

“I wonder what would happen if I keep that up? Maybe people will stop.”

Jack accelerated more and turned his blinker on for the merge he needed.

“Maybe the MWG will camp out there and find me.” Jack’s mouth twisted after saying this. “Let’s just play it by ear for now.”